[NTG-context] Shaded frame with colored text

Tom Tom at tuxedo-press.com
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Thanks. That did the trick. Now, How do I insert multi-page PDFs created
elsewhere in an appendix.

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Am 02.07.10 00:42, schrieb Tom:
> I haven't had any luck filling in the background of a frame with any color
> other than black and with changing the color of the text in the frame to
> white or gray. What needs to be added to this mkii code?

Colors are disabled in MkII, to enable them include


to your document.
> \def\MyChapterCommand#1#2% #1 is number, #2 is text
>    {\framed[frame=on,align=middle]
>       {\vbox{\headtext{chapter} #1\blank#2}}}
> \setuphead[chapter]
>   [command=\MyChapterCommand,textstyle=\ss\bf,
>    header=empty,footer=chapter,
>    numbercommand=\ss\bf\em\tfd,after=\vskip 0.5in,before=\vskip 1.0in]
use 'numberstyle' instead of 'numbercommand' for style related settings
and replace your \vskip settings with \blank



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