[NTG-context] \numstr errors out in chapter star logic

Tom Tom at tuxedo-press.com
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Am 28.06.10 23:33, schrieb Tom:
> The "lazy" method below yields eleven pages, each of which is headed by n
> Chapter n, where n represents the numerals from 1 to 11. The text version
> the chapter numbers do not appear.
> n,Eleven]
> \setuphead[chapter]
>   [conversion=numstring]

How should i know you're using mkii! Replace \setuphead with \setupsection:



Sorry for not including that I'm using mkii. This code works.
How do I tell from the ConTeXt Manual and the wiki which commands apply to
mkii and which apply to mkiv? Are documents prepared for mkii upwardly
compatible with mkiv or do some mkii commands not work the same in mkiv?

Thank you for all your help.

Tom Benjey
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