[NTG-context] vim syntax highlighting in MKIV

Martin 'golodhrim' Scholz scholz.m82 at googlemail.com
Sun Jun 27 12:04:34 CEST 2010

On Sun, 27 Jun 2010 01:41:35 -0400, Aditya Mahajan wrote:

> On Sat, 26 Jun 2010, Aditya Mahajan wrote:
>> Almost all the errors in t-vim over the years have due to trying to
>> support kpse: directive. (The errors were not a fault of ConTeXt, but
>> the way quotes are handled by cmd.exe and the various shells in *nix. I
>> still haven't figured out a syntax that works with all shells). This
>> makes me wonder whether it was a good idea to make vim module work out
>> of the box. Perhaps a more robust alternative was to ask the uses to
>> copy 2context.vim to $HOME/.vim/scripts/ and forget about getting
>> mtxrun to locate the file. What do others think?
> In the spirit of MkIV, I have attempted to redo the vim module from
> scratch.
> http://github.com/adityam/filter
> Download t-vim.tex t-filter.tex and 2context.vim. For testing just place
> them in the current directory.
> This new version is delegates the task of creating external files and
> running vim to get syntax highlighting to t-filter. It reads the file
> under a restrictive catcode regime... so 2context.vim only has to escape
> a few characters: \ { }, everything else has a catcode other (except
> space and newline which are active).
> Currently, this new module only supports
> * syntax highlighting (syntax=filetype)
> * two color schemes (alternative=pscolor and alternative=blackandwhite)
> * specifying start and stop lines (start=... , stop=...)
> An additional feature is that the module stores the md5 sums of all
> files, and runs vim only if the file has changed. So, this should be
> significantly faster than the old module.
> Difference
> * No \typevimfile... instead \definevimtyping[whatever] creates a
> command \typewhateverfile that can be used as
>  	\typewhateverfile[options][file]
> * Currently, no support for line numbering, although that should be easy
> to add now.
> * No support for active spaces yet.
> * Most importantly, this only runs under MkIV. That is because
> \doprocesslocalsetups is not defined in MkII.
> Hans, can you add the definition of \doprocesslocalsetups to MkII?
> I have only tested on linux. Testing on other platforms will be
> appreciated (Just run the files under test/vim/).
> Aditya

Hi Aditya,
just cloned the your git and linked them into the project I use the 
syntax highlightling, and it works, thanks for the fast and professional 


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