[NTG-context] \pdfcatalog broken in MkIV (wrong subject)

Andreas Schneider aksdb at gmx.de
Wed Jun 23 15:31:15 CEST 2010

Hans Hagen wrote:
> The \pdfcatalog primitive is not broken, it's simply not present in mkiv
> where we have a rather strict control over access to pdf resources.
> Anyhow, i'll add an option to the upcoming beta (normally I only do such
> weird features in paid projects). The thing is that it has to be hooked
> into the regular mechanisms properly (numbering, conversion) and the
> code in the mail you refer to is not ok (as it's hardcoded).

Indeed, it is a workaround. But I think it's not bad in this case. As you 
said, it's a "weird feature" and probably one that isn't used by many 
people. Having \pdfcatalog allows for that workaround to be used without you 
having to implement anything specific for the suggested feature (pdf page 
labels). It it's too much trouble or against the design principals of MkIV, 
then please don't waste any time on it. The job you do with ConTeXt is 
incredible and it is a very good environment to work in/with. This feature 
is just a very very small cosmetic change to the final document, not a 
showstopper or anything - I can live without it (but it would be a nice-to-

Best Regards,

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