[NTG-context] \pdfcatalog broken in MkIV (wrong subject)

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Jun 23 14:18:59 CEST 2010

On 23-6-2010 12:43, Andreas Schneider wrote:
> Andreas Schneider wrote:
>> Hello,
>> as suggested in the thread about PDF Page Labels, \pdfcatalog can be used
>> to manually modify the PDF Stream. However it seems that this does not
>> currently work in MkIV (from the minimals, beta branch). In MkII it does
>> exactly as I though (the resulting PDF contains a Catalog section with the
>> content I passed to \pdfcatalog). In the PDF produced by MkIV however no
>> Catalog can be found.

The \pdfcatalog primitive is not broken, it's simply not present in mkiv 
where we have a rather strict control over access to pdf resources.

Anyhow, i'll add an option to the upcoming beta (normally I only do such 
weird features in paid projects). The thing is that it has to be hooked 
into the regular mechanisms properly (numbering, conversion) and the 
code in the mail you refer to is not ok (as it's hardcoded).

Concerning your example, control over numbers happens this way:

\definestructureconversionset[bodypart:pagenumber] [][numbers]



     \dorecurse{10}{\input zapf\par}

     \chapter{Test}      \dorecurse{15}{\input tufte\par}
     \chapter{TestAgain} \dorecurse{15}{\input ward\par}

     Index maybe.



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