[NTG-context] alignment in TABLE

Peter Münster pmlists at free.fr
Tue Jun 15 14:30:39 CEST 2010


Here is an alignment problem due to the rulethickness.
Is there a cleaner and more elegant solution?

\section{First line shifted to the right by a bit less
  than 2pt}
\setupTABLE[offset=0pt, frame=off]
\setupTABLE[r][1][bottomframe=on, rulethickness=2pt]
\bTR\bTD bla \eTD \eTR
\bTR\bTD bla \eTD \eTR

\setupTABLE[offset=0pt, frame=off, rulethickness=0pt]
\setupTABLE[r][1][bottomframe=on, rulethickness=2pt, loffset=-2pt]
\bTR\bTD bla \eTD \eTR
\bTR\bTD bla \eTD \eTR

TIA for any help!
Cheers, Peter

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