[NTG-context] \setupcite[authornum][...] not working

Stefan Müller warrence.stm at gmx.de
Tue Jun 8 15:13:32 CEST 2010


I'm using the ams-bibliography style and want to include "authornum"-cites in 
the document (so i want to input something like "in the paper by 
\cite[authornum][doe]" instead of "in the paper by Doe \cite[num][doe]".

The \cite command works as intended, but I'm not able to change the 
typesetting properties with \setupcite[authornum][...]. The others, like 
\setupcite[num][...] and \setupcite[author][...] seem to work as they should, 

I provide a minimal example below, where to options set in line 4 are not used 
for typesetting the \cite[ref1]. I'm using the context minimals, MkIV.

	\setuppublications[alternative=ams, refcommand=authornum]
	\setupcite[authornum][left={\&}, andtext={ foo }, namesep={ bar }] % just 
some random options, none of them works

I already tried apa style, the same there. In addition, the names of a 
citation placed with \cite[author] (e.g. "Doe and Fisher") are not typesetted 
as those of a citation placed with \cite[authornum] (e.g. "Doe,Fisher"), 
although I think (from a short glimpse at bibl-ams.tex) they should.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? Any help appreciated.


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