[NTG-context] Cyrillic in Mark IV

Yury G. Kudryashov urkud at ya.ru
Sun Jun 6 23:34:48 CEST 2010

Wolfgang Schuster wrote:

> Am 06.06.10 10:59, schrieb Rogutės Sparnuotos:
>> !define font    : font with name cmuserif-normal-normal is not found
>> !define font    : unknown font cmuserif-normal-normal, loading aborted
>> !define font    : unable to define cmuserif-normal-normal as
>> \*cyr12ptrmtf*
> You're right but this is a problem with the regular style of cmu serif,
> the font specifies it's own weight as medium but mkiv expects normal.
Can I workaround this in MKIV?
> As you can see here the mechanism works but the results are font
> dependant.
> \definetypeface[cyr][rm][specserif][CMU Serif]
> \setupbodyfont[cyr, 12pt]
> \starttext
> \bf Калейдоскоп
> \stoptext
Thanks, bold font works.

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