[NTG-context] Lua in LuaLaTeX is diferent??

Jaroslav Hajtmar hajtmar at gyza.cz
Sun Jun 6 20:24:43 CEST 2010

Hi, Hans
Thanks a lot for advice and inspiration. With your contribution of my 
applications running under LuaPlain well below LuaLaTeX :-).
Application process CSV tables and allows you to easily print the data 
in CSV tables (mailmerges, cards, etc). Now I do not know whether 
somebody else will be interested in my application. ConTeXt uses the few 
people around me. Therefore, I try to modify it to LuaTeXu and LuaPlain. 
I think I'm just a lousy programmer, and therefore do not anticipate 
that the application could become a larger library, you could use 
others.  Thanks again for your time and valuable advice
Have a nice day

Dne 6.6.2010 13:13, Hans Hagen napsal(a):
> On 5-6-2010 10:19, Jaroslav Hajtmar wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I did a Lua application for ConTeXt, and now I wanted to adapt it to
>> work even LuaLaTeX.
>> On what needs to be careful? Compiling by LuaLaTeX specific messages
>> appear as if the Lua in LuaLaTeX didnt know some Lua commands (i.e.
>> split, find .... ).
>> On what needs to be careful generaly when programming applications for
>> LuaLaTeX?
> In context there is quite some lua code that can be used by users for 
> their applications. The l-*.lua files can considered to be more 
> general libraries and most ofthat is unlikely to change (extended for 
> sure). At some point I will make a manual for that. Of course you can 
> always load such modules using 'require'.
> Using other context lua code outside context is more tricky as it also 
> assumes the system to be designed in a certain way. I hope to have 
> much if that stable within the next few years. As long as one does not 
> mess with the namespaces not much harm can be done.
> I'm not following lualatex dev but i know that it uses some of the 
> font code. The reason that this code can be shared is that it's sort 
> of isolated and specific functionality needed is wrapped up in 
> *-dum.lua modules. Probbably some stripping down will happen to 
> prevent clashes etc. Here the reference is luatex-plain.tex (and 
> luatex-fonts.tex) in the context distribution.
> Also, the reverse is also tricky: lualatex speicific code is unlikely 
> to work in context.
> BTW, Sharing macro code between context and latex is non trivial 
> either as both are different systems and developed completely 
> independent.
> Hans
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