[NTG-context] Script to automatically generate typescripts

Michael Murphy michael.murphy at uni-ulm.de
Thu Jun 3 18:51:39 CEST 2010

Hi all,

after spending many hours on a typescript only to accidentally delete 
it, I thought that there should be a better way to write them. Hence I 
wrote a python script to do just that.

It started out as a private project, but I thought that since it might 
be useful to others, I'd make it available publicly. You can get hold of 
it here:


Note that it currently only works on Adobe .otf fonts (and this likely 
won't change), and that you need to be using LuaTeX with MkIV, since I 
don't do any of the encoding stuff.

Please send me bug reports / feature requests if you use it!

Michael Murphy

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