[NTG-context] \startmakeup

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Sat May 22 15:57:24 CEST 2010

Vyatcheslav Yatskovsky wrote:
> Hi Wolfgang,
>  > \startmakeup is the internal command for \startstandardmakeup which is
>  > created with \definemakup[standard].
> Thank you for making this more clear.
> 1) \startstandardmakeup is extensively used but not found in the wiki 
> command reference. Why?

Because it is a derived command, and most/all of those are not
in the command reference yet (for example, neither is \startitemize,
which is derived from \defineitemgroup).

> 2) What \startstandardmakeup do then? And what is the purpose of 
> defining custom makeups?

 From the source (and I am positive this is also mentioned in the
big manual):

%D A makeup is a separate page, like a title page or colofon.
%D There is one standard makeup page, but you can define more
%D if needed.

As can be seen in


it is a page type with a special layout / header & footer sections
that last only temporarily. The key point is that such a page
does not (have to) rely on the current page layout style, which
is especially useful for title pages.

Best wishes,

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