[NTG-context] Multiple citations at one position

Stefan Müller warrence.stm at gmx.de
Fri May 21 16:28:49 CEST 2010

Thank you for the fast responses.

> Did you try "\cite[ref1,ref3,... ref9]" ?

Yes, I did try this, but instead of "[1,2,3]" or "[1-3]" I just got "[1]".

> Yes, it is OK. I am using in MKIV for multiple citation
> \cite[ref1,ref3,... ref9]
> Last delimiter is setting due commands \setupcite, for example
> default setting (for num style) is \setupcite[num][lastpubsep={ and }]
> I am using \setupcite[num][lastpubsep={,\,}] ...
> More informations about using bib module (\usemodule[bib]
> \usemodule[bibltx]) is in Taco's document on:
> http://www.tug.org/texlive/Contents/live/texmf-dist/doc/context/bib/bibmod-
> doc.pdf
> Jaroslav

I tried what you suggested, but without success. I'm using MkIV. My test case 

\setupbibtex[database={test.bib}, sort=author]

\cite[ref1, ref2, ref3]

With this example tex-file I only get "[1]". Strangely: If I remove either the 
\section or the \completepublications command I get "[]"...

Any ideas what causes this?


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