[NTG-context] \ldots

Jan Pohanka xhpohanka at gmail.com
Wed May 19 15:42:34 CEST 2010

I discovered that with one font the \ldots command typesets three colons  

I found these lines in plain.tex

\mathchardef\ldotp="613A % ldot as a punctuation mark

saying the \ldots uses character on position 3A. In the font (type 1),  
there is really the semicolon on this position.
How to make context to use proper character (\period), which is on  
position 2E in the font without changing this file? Or is it possible to  
use a special glyph for horizontal ellipsis with \ldots command? (It  
exists in the font)

best regads

Ing. Jan Pohanka
Department of Measurement
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Czech Technical University
Technická 2, 16627 Praha 6
tel. 224352058
email: pohanj1 at fel.cvut.cz

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