[NTG-context] Hyphenation of composed words

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon May 10 10:12:24 CEST 2010

On 10-5-2010 7:27, Marco wrote:
>> 1. || does *not* produce a en-dash but to kerned hyphens
> You're right, I looked it up in the sources. It just looked like an
> en-dash for me. But this is wrong. For hyphenation a hyphen is used. The
> font designer has created a dedicated glyph for this purpose. And two
> hyphens (or an en-dash) is too large. I've never seen the advice in a
> typography book to kern two hyphens. I don't know why this is
> implemented like this.

because we needed it to be this way: we use it for separating compound 
words and then we want to have the hyphen between the compounds to be 
different from the ones within ... dates back more than ten years 
(educational usage) .. also, the reason for kerned hyphens instead of an 
endash is simple: the endash is too thin (at least in lm)

anyhow, when i want normal hyphens i just do |-| always

>> 2. The correct method to get a *normal* hyphen is
>>      \setuphyphenmark[sign=normal]
> Yes, this is the correct method. It should be enabled by default. If
> somebody wants a larger hyphen (for some mysterious reasen), he/she can set it
> up with
> \setuphyphenmark[sign=wide]
>>      If the output is not correct it's a bug.
> Yes, it is a bug. Hans already confirmed and said, he'll fix it, but it is not
> yet done, that's why I wanted to remember him. You can try and run the example
> from my first post. With Thomas' workaround the output is OK, but it is only a
> workaround. I (and probably many other users) would like to have correct
> behaviour by default.

this works ok here (and i'm prety sure that it's also ok a few betas ago)







and the defaults are unlikely to change, but you can set it in your 
local cont-sys.tex file


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