[NTG-context] TABLE in TABLE

Xan dxpublica at telefonica.net
Sun May 9 15:01:42 CEST 2010

Thanks for the technical and simple explanation


En/na Wolfgang Schuster ha escrit:
> Am 09.05.10 14:37, schrieb Xan:
>> Thanks all of you.
>> In other kind of ideas: is it a bug? Why we need {} for embed tables 
>> and not for embed itemizes in itemizes for example?
> It has to do with the way how TABLE is implemented, each cell is 
> defined as
> \def\bTD#1\eTD{...}
> this means when TeX sees a \bTD in the input it grabs everything till 
> the \eTD,
> let's take a loo at this example
> \bTABLE \bTR
>     \bTD
>       \bTABLE \bTR
>         \bTD text \eTD
>       \eTR \eTABLE
>     \eTD
> \eTR \eTABLE
> The \bTD from the outer table reads everything till the \eTD from the 
> inner table
> and what ends up as real content for the table cell where you wanted 
> another table is
> \bTABLE \bTR
>   \bTD text
> As you can see the \bTD as delimiting \eTD to end the cell and this is 
> what
> cause the error message you get. The braces ({...}) as suggested from 
> the others
> help in this case because the hide the \eTD from the outer table and 
> buffers
> as suggested from Taco are another way to get around this.
> Wolfgang

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