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Philipp Gesang pgesang at ix.urz.uni-heidelberg.de
Tue May 4 21:04:32 CEST 2010

On 2010-05-04 <08:32:36>, Michael Saunders wrote:
> > (Preliminary remark to M.S.: please, please, configure your MUA to
> > correctly reply to the current thread!)
> (What's wrong with my subject line?  I'm merely hitting "reply" in gmail.)
Strange, judging from my inbox some of your replies are indeed threaded
correctly, but others are not because they are missing the “references”
and “in-reply-to” headers. Some inconsistency in the gmail frontend?

> > No, it's plain English. Unfamiliar phrases are just one consequence of a
> > language becoming the world standard. Do you want to flame Italians or
> > French for not adhering to the norms of classical Latin? You don't.
> > There's no point at all in even mentioning somebody's stylistic
> > idiosyncrasies on the internets. Just face it: the world won't adopt
> > English as a global means of communication without interfering with its
> > norms. If you don't understand something why don't you contact the
> > author, his email adress is right there on the first page.
> I don't mind non-native speakers using bad grammar, strange usages, or
<snip: mostly right stuff/>
> Increasingly, I'm wondering whether the problem with Context is just
> bad docs or bad language design (it's hard to control, it looks bad
> most of the time).  I still don't know.  I'm hoping that Idris's book
> will shed light on this.
I agree with you in most points and don't want to discuss this here. My
expectations concerning the context book are high, too, I wonder whether
Idris accepts subscriptions … ?

> Thank you.  I'm not quite sure what to do with these files (the .lua
> file in particular).  Unfortunately, I won't be able to get to them
> until tomorrow.
The lua file should be placed in the same directory as your document.
The tex file contains the wrapper macros for the lua functions in the
preamble. Everything between \starttext and \stoptext is demonstration
of the humble functionality. As this is rather an ad-hoc “solution”,
don't expect much of it. To adapt it to a particular layout you'll have
to manipulate the lua source but that won't be hard. Just tell me when
you're in need of something special. (Expect breakage in footnotes! As
usual, \usegloss has to be made unexpanded to get this to work …)
> > As for the tooltips, unfortunately
> > I don't know how to create them. The functionality would be nice,
> > though, as long as no javascript is involved.
> It's not done with javascript.  As I understand it, the usual way is
> to place an invisible pdf  "forms"-style button over the word you want
> to gloss and then set its "short description" feature.   I think
> context knows how to make such buttons and to set bounding boxes
> around words, so I think it should be possible, no?
As pointed out by Willi, context in fact has tooltips functionality but
they _are_ implemented via js. These gimmicks are unsupported by most pdf
readers (or looking funny in okular, which has some basic js support), so
for now I'm personally opposed to using them. Let's hope “lua sponsor”
Adobe replaces js by lua scripting in pdf eventually.


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