[NTG-context] a0 split into a4?

Xan dxpublica at telefonica.net
Sun Apr 25 19:39:51 CEST 2010

> m 21.04.10 17:39, schrieb Xan:
> >/ The pain is that we have to move to ps or eps. pdfposter 
> />/ [http://pdfposter.origo.ethz.ch/] seems that leave this prerequisite, 
> />/ but it does not work for me as better as poster works, because the 
> />/ first does not put marks to margins in the split pages (A4 in my case).
> /Make a spec and i can write something, when you look at the source
> you can see the code for \slicepages is very simple.
> Wolfgang
It's very simple ;-):
\slicepages[document.pdf][width,height,margin] %width and height the slice will be. margin of the slice
\slicepages[document.pdf][width,height,topmargin,bottommargin,...,margintotext] %topmargin... are the margin of the page, and margintotext is the margin between the boundary of slice and text
\slicepages[document.pdf][A4,margin,style] % style=thinlines, discontinued lines, dots, by default none


Thanks a lot for the offering.


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