[NTG-context] Questions about \setuphead and \framed

Michael Ewe michael.ewe at arcor.de
Tue Apr 20 23:01:57 CEST 2010

Hi ConTeXt Gurus,
enclosed please find a little snippet of code:

\definefont[FontA][Sans at 36pt]



\Cmd{\FontA 1}{\FontA Test}
{\framed[frame=on,offset=none,strut=1cm]{\FontA 1}}
{\framed[frame=on,offset=none,strut=1cm]{\FontA Test}}

\Cmd{\FontA 1}{\FontA Test}
{\framed[frame=on,offset=none,strut=1cm]{\FontA 1}}
{\framed[frame=on,offset=none,strut=1cm]{\FontA Test}}

The code defines 2 chapter headings (ChapterA, ChapterB) and my assumption is,
that the effect of setting "style=..." and "fontstyle=..., numberstyle=..." 
should be the same. As an additional test I included the usage of \Cmd and a 
manual copy of \Cmd in the normal text. If you run this through ConTeXt MkIV 
you will see:

1 The frames in the chapter both headings are much bigger than in the normal 

2 The gap between the chapter number and the chapter name is different for 
chapter 1 (on page 1) and chapter 2 (on page 2). The word "test" is not 

3 The value of "strut" has no effect at all.

I am trying to mimic a chapter style in a book of mine, but with the result 
above I am not sure about the tools to use.

Best Regards from Germany,
Michael Ewe

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