[NTG-context] basic \cite[]

Michael Saunders odradek5 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 17 17:53:13 CEST 2010

I want to be able to write, in my text, \cite[myKey] (where myKey is
the key of a record in my .bib file), and have this appear in print
as:  [<a number>]
linked to the bibliograpy page where it (<a number>) occurs.

I've been puzzling over bibmod-doc.pdf.  I think the solution has to
do with the commands \setuppublications and \setupcite, but since
bibmod-doc never says what these commands do, it's very difficult.
I'm guessing \setuppublications might be able to control what argument
I should use in the \cite[] command.  I'm guessing \setupcite might
control how a citation will be printed in the text.  (If this is true,
the manual should say so so the reader doesn't have to guess.)  One
cryptic line tells me:

"refcommand                  the default option for \cite"

just like that.  Based on this, I'm guessing refcommand=key will let
me write things like \cite[myFirstKey].  The manual goes on to clear
up the confusion by explaining:

"The \cite command has a lot of alternatives, as could be seen above
in the setting of ‘refcommand’."

That's it---no mention of what \setupcite does.  Based on this, I'm
hoping that \setupcite[num] will cause the citation to be printed as
[<some number>], e.g., [1].

So, I'm using:




The bibliography prints out, but citations appear as empty brackets:  "[]".
I want them to be numbers linked to the appearance of the same number
in the bibliography.   There must be a way of doing this?

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