[NTG-context] footnote marks fail

Michael Saunders odradek5 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 13 01:52:58 CEST 2010

Footnotes are normally marked with superior figures both in the text
and before the footnote itself.  Context's defaults prevent this, and
I can't figure out how to change the defaults.

1. The defaults

So that no imagination is necessary, here is a minimal example:


I have to guess what Context is doing.  It looks like it's taking the
regular numbers from the font, shrinking them somehow and elevating
them.  It does this in unequal amounts for the marks in text and the
marks before footnotes.  In both cases, the number is so light it's
barely readable.  In the case of the mark before the footnote, it's
raised much too high.

Normal, professional fonts have superior figures in them that are used
for footnote marks.  It _should_ be possible to use them, that is.
All I want to do is turn off the default scaling and raising behavior
of Context footnote marks so I can do this, and finally get normal
looking footnotes.  No doubt, people will object that they don't have
my font in the room with them, and it is therefore impossible to think
about the problem. So, I repeat myself:  all I want to do is turn off
the default scaling and raising.

2. My first stab at correcting this.

WARNING:  I have a font with the opentype features 'sups' and 'numr'.
You might not have this font, but it is still possible to think about
the problem:  the problem is not my font, but Context's defaults.



(Note: my body font is 12pt.)

This is as close as I could get to correcting the problem.  When I do
this, the marks in text look a little too low, too short and much too
bold.  It looks like Context is still scaling and elevating on its
own.  The marks before the footnotes are much too large and far, far
too high.  Context seems to be trying to squeeze them between the
lines.   This also seems to force extra space between the separate
footnotes, even though I have grid on.

If I try using numerators instead of superiors (they look the same but
are lower), the marks in text look too bold and far too low.  The
marks before the footnotes are at the right height, but too big.

DISCLAIMER:  it is not necessary to own my font in order to think
about this problem.  The issue is the default scaling and raising that
Context applies to footnote marks.  I want to turn it off.

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