[NTG-context] streams! atleast the left||right synchronization mechanism

Salil Sayed salilsay at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 9 10:18:03 CEST 2010

Thanks Wolfgang, this works. I knew this from a previous discussion but I was trying the line in m-streams.tex



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 Am 09.04.10 09:45, schrieb Salil Sayed: 
>>As I am moving from mkII to mkIV with my thesis manuscript, I need to
>make the 'left||right synchronization mechanism' to work. I worked
>beautifully in mkII. I looked in the source of the module but could not
>make out where the issue is. I errors I get today begin like this.
Remove the \endinput at the begin of the file (line 28) in page-str.mkiv
and remake the format.

>is this (  \v!  ) thing? where can I get the clues? Does it come from
>Tex or LuaTex programming?


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