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Sebastien Mengin sebastien-listes at edilibre.net
Wed Apr 7 15:46:06 CEST 2010

Le 07 avril 2010 à 03:39, Vianney le Clément a écrit:
> > "retourarriere" is a litteral translation (to my opinion) and is not
> > reflecting what the keyword "backspace" really means. In fact, I find it
> > quite exotic in a definition of a page layout...
> I agree on that one. Maybe we can try some literal translation of the
> dutch terms:
> backspace -> rugwit -> blanc de dos?
> cutspace -> snijwit -> blanc de coupure?

Not bad at all, I think.
Maybe "blanc de coupe" would be a little bit better.

But I'd rather follow, for example:
http://www.alain.les-hurtig.org/varia/empagement.html who uses "petit
fond" et "grand fond". It has the advantage to use a professional
terminology, which is easier to fall back to when discovering the
context system. No?

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