[NTG-context] The ConTeXt book

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Sat Apr 3 14:45:51 CEST 2010


Gour a écrit :

03/04 13:42

> Taco> The availability of ConTeXt books will not automatically create
> Taco> more users (nor even automatically create readers, for that
> Taco> matter).
> Hmm, interesting...
> If even you think that ConTeXt books are not important (to bring new
> users), then no wonder we do not have even a single one...

I think Taco didn't say *at all* that books are not important; he just said that the books will not automatically increase the use.

03/04 14:13
> However, it might be that ConTeXt prefer to always stay niche-product
> and to, as Haskellers say: "Avoid success at all costs.” :-)
Do you know many software in development for which there are plenty of 

Further the accusation of somes other that Hans is keeping information 
for his work and not documenting it is shocking me.
Hans said that he did develop ConTeXt for *his* work and then opened it 
to others to benefit.
And Hans is working for the ConTeXt users free and would prefer, I 
think, to use his "secret!!?" tools and go on for his real work.

I also regret that the documentation is not complete and updated for 
mkiv, but mkiv is still in development even if it is operational (but 
Hans suggest to use mkii for professional work).

Many people here who complain about documentation, also quickly say that 
they do not have time to write the asked for book: they have other 
things on the fire!! just... like Hans who is developing ConTeXt and do 
not have time writing documentation.
What is more important: having a very good program and wait for its 
documentation, or a very good documentation and a buggy program???

Thanks to those who develop ConTeXt and answer the questions.

Have a good Eastern time


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