[NTG-context] The ConTeXt book

Andreas Schneider aksdb at gmx.de
Sat Apr 3 12:54:18 CEST 2010

Michael Saunders wrote:

> Mojca's point, that Context is commercial, may be the key:  it can be
> free in name only but if the means of using it are kept secret, it's
> only of benefit to Pragma.  (Hans himself mentioned earlier that there
> are many undocumented options for use in-house only that outsiders see
> in the code and wonder about.)

If you spend some time on the mailing list your probably make the contrary 
observation. There are countless cases where Hans, Taco or Wolfgang 
implement some features to fulfill a request of a user. Nearly every time I 
had a question/problem, a solution came up within _hours_. That's quite 
impressive imho.
That also means that many solutions can be found by searching the mailing 
list archives ... not few things are also mentioned in the Wiki. And for the 
very basic problems, the "old" manuals still mostly apply.

I do think that it would be pretty awesome to have a central up-to-date 
documentation which I could also recommend to other people I try to convince 
to use ConTeXt instead of Word, Writer or LaTeX. But at least for my 
personal needs I find answers to most of my questions already.

Best Regards,

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