[NTG-context] Hanging indent in startstoplines for poems

Torsten Suhling tsuhling at web.de
Mon Mar 29 17:29:36 CEST 2010


I have a question regarding hanging indentation in

So I try to use ConTeXt to typeset poems. In some texts/poems
ar long lines, which have to be broken. They should be broken
into hanging indentations.

That means:

Every line of poem should start left.
If a poemline is longer than text width, the rest of this line
    should be indented in a new text line. (just like here)
The width of this indentation should be fixed (e.g. 3em).
The width of this indentation shouldn't depend on a word.
It would be fine, if I don't have to set (poem)linebreaks.

    Additionally, it should still be able to indent a verse
        (e.g. a chorus), for instance using narrower.
    Hyphenation should be switched off inside the poems.

So I found \setuphanging, but these instruction seems made
another job---indenting a paragraph to be placed right beside
the first words of the paragraph.

That's the example, which does not work (all lines are indented)

%<-------------- snip ---------------------------------------

  [command={\setupwhitespace[1.2em]}%   % follow the grid
   ,before={\setupindenting[-2em,yes]%  % trial to construct
            \startnarrower[2em]%        %   hanging indent
            \startalignment[flushleft]% % even inter-word-dist.
            \startlines%                %   no justification


Three lines, first should be broken:

FIRST---this should be one line, please remove linebreaks made by the
mail programms or similiar possibly until HERE.
SECOND---next line without carriage return or line feed,
THIRD---because startstoplines accept linebreaks.
FOURTH---is also one who don't make much words.


%<-------------- snap ---------------------------------------

Any idea how to do that?

Thanks for help


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