[NTG-context] docs (was: Re: Microtype in ConTeXt)

Peter Münster pmlists at free.fr
Sat Mar 27 21:04:02 CET 2010

On Sat, Mar 27 2010, Michael Saunders wrote:

> Notice that Yan Zhou isn't complaining that the docs are old.   Our
> problem is that they are sketchy and rambling, bits and pieces of this
> and that without any systematic explanations.  Often they are just
> some unexplained code samples that communicate nothing (unless you
> happen to be the guy who invented the language).   I can't think of
> one command that is fully explained along with all its possible
> parameters.   The wiki is better written, but even less complete.   It
> might not be possible to do better, but this is a huge obstacle to
> anyone who actually wants to use ConTeXt.  The docs hint at a lot of
> features that sound better than LaTeX, but actually getting them to
> work is a different story.

Hello Michael,

See also here:

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