[NTG-context] Microtype in ConTeXt

Michael Saunders odradek5 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 27 18:43:38 CET 2010

> On 27-3-2010 1:15, Yan Zhou wrote:
>> As I can see now ConTeXt is indeed a far more advanced system than LaTeX. But I have one more query. Where can I find the documents. When following these replies and some other messages in the list, I find some commands not documented in the Manual or Reference Manual. In LaTeX, all commands are detailed documented in source2e.tex, in TeX, The TeXBook explains everything. So in ConTeXt, where can I find such detailed documents. I tried the documented source, but it is more like a PDF version or source with only a little documentation.
> as most of the functrionality does not change you can use older docs
> (website, wiki etc) for most cases
> newer things i.e. introduced in mkiv using luatex are described in for
> instance mk.pdf and articles
> of course the wiki is a good source as well

Notice that Yan Zhou isn't complaining that the docs are old.   Our
problem is that they are sketchy and rambling, bits and pieces of this
and that without any systematic explanations.  Often they are just
some unexplained code samples that communicate nothing (unless you
happen to be the guy who invented the language).   I can't think of
one command that is fully explained along with all its possible
parameters.   The wiki is better written, but even less complete.   It
might not be possible to do better, but this is a huge obstacle to
anyone who actually wants to use ConTeXt.  The docs hint at a lot of
features that sound better than LaTeX, but actually getting them to
work is a different story.

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