[NTG-context] \hyphenation problems

Tom Tom at tuxedo-press.com
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Boy, am I thick. Here is an example that demonstrates the problem. You
should be able to see that cfbdatawarehouse.com did not hyphenate. To get
the malhyphenation error, it is necessary to uncomment the \hyphenation
command. Changing the width of the figure to 2.0 inches will demonstrate
additional ragged right problems. An unrelated issue is that the leading for
the caption is larger than I would like.

\definepapersize[6X9][width=6.14in, height=9.21in]

 backspace=.75 in,
 topspace=.5 in,
 header=.25 in,
 footer=0 in,
 headerdistance=.25 in,
 footerdistance=0 in,
 bottomspace=0.9 in,
 cutspace=.875 in,



\placefigure [left]
 {{\centerline {\switchtobodyfont[9pt] Joel Wheelock in track uniform}} 
  {\centerline {\switchtobodyfont[9pt]{\it Cumberland County Historical}}}
  {\centerline {\switchtobodyfont[9pt]{\it Society, Carlisle, PA}}}}
 {\externalfigure[dummy][width=1.8 in]}

On the whole he was a good coach and deserves praise for developing such a
fine squad out of so many raw recruits, for we must remember that only a few
of our last year's Varsity men came back this year. The school's yearbook
recorded 1917 as a 3--4 season but {\it cfbdatawarehouse.com} includes two
more games, a forfeit by Temple and a 73--0 thrashing of Millersburg, giving
Wheelock a 5--4 record for his only year as a head coach.


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> I am very confused. Inserting 
> {\definedfont[Serif sa 8]^^45^^78^^61^^6d^^70^^6c^^65^^21} results in
> "Example" in very large type being placed in my output and seems not to
> affect the hyphenation or justification.

I think Wolfgang was trying to steer you to this:

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