[NTG-context] \hyphenation problems

Tom Tom at tuxedo-press.com
Mon Mar 22 14:01:38 CET 2010

I am very confused. Inserting 
{\definedfont[Serif sa 8]^^45^^78^^61^^6d^^70^^6c^^65^^21} results in
"Example" in very large type being placed in my output and seems not to
affect the hyphenation or justification.

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Am 22.03.10 02:48, schrieb Tom:
> When I wrap text around the right side of a figure, the justification
> the right margin is a bit ragged in a couple of places. One problem is
> it can't hyphenate cfbdatawarehouse.com, even when I provide the
> via a \hyphenation command.  The malhyphenation error seems to be caused
> the embedded dot.
> Another line ends with last letter of the last word on the line (head)
> extending into the margin. That word cannot be hyphenated. How does on get
> the justification to work correctly in such cases?
{\definedfont[Serif sa 8]^^45^^78^^61^^6d^^70^^6c^^65^^21}


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