[NTG-context] bib things broken in mkiv?

Hans van der Meer H.vanderMeer at uva.nl
Mon Mar 22 13:53:23 CET 2010

Sorry it took a few hours before responding, but first things first  
(luckily old setup of mkii turned to be working still).

Pinpointed the origin of the error message to this call:
I will search a bit further, but perhaps Taco has already enough clues  
from this experiment.
Something with processcomma?
By the way, could it be related to some other error I get in mkiv in  
processing a description? There in the log similarly something with  
parameterlists seems at hand:
! Use of \@@startdescription doesn't match its definition.
\doifnextoptionalelse ...\nextoptionalcommandyes {
\setuptextrules ...odoubleargument \getparameters
                                                   [\??tl ]

Back to bib: From inserted code from bibl-tra.mkiv:

\writestatus{HVDM-TESTING =============>}{\string 
\writestatus{HVDM-TESTING =============>}{after \string\getparameters  
    \getparameters[\??pb][#1]% as bibl-* can have set things back
\writestatus{HVDM-TESTING =============>}{after \string\getparameters  
\writestatus{HVDM-TESTING =============>}{after \string\the\string 
\usepublications	[literature]
\setuppublications	[alternative=apa]
\setuppublications	[numbering=short,refcommand=data] % separate -- see  
doc p2

And in the log:

HVDM-TESTING =============>: after \getparameters<1>
publications    : loading formatting style from bibl-apa
HVDM-TESTING =============>: after \getparameters<1>
HVDM-TESTING =============>: after \getparameters<2>
HVDM-TESTING =============>: after \the\everysetuppublications
HVDM-TESTING =============>: after \getparameters<2>
HVDM-TESTING =============>: after \the\everysetuppublications
HVDM-TESTING =============>: after \getparameters<1>
HVDM-TESTING =============>: after \getparameters<2>
! Parameters must be numbered consecutively.
<to be read again>
<argument> \def \@@pbinumbercommand ####
\currentpublicationkey }
\p!compareprocessaction ...commalistelement {#3}#2
\next1 #1,->\p!doprocessaction {#1}
<argument> ...bibgetvars \currentpublicationkey },
                                                    \v!bib =>\def  
\processnextcommalist ...dodoprocesscommaitem #4#5
                                                   ,]\relax \global  
\advance ...
l.32 ...ications	[numbering=short,refcommand=data]

On 22 mrt 2010, at 10:56, Hans Hagen wrote:

> On 22-3-2010 10:51, Taco Hoekwater wrote:
>> Hans van der Meer wrote:
>>> The following I didn't use for some time. Is it replaced or broken  
>>> in mkiv?
>>> Is there a quick fix? I must retypsetting something I need on  
>>> short notice.
>> Perhaps the quickest fix is to downgrade your context release for a  
>> bit.
>> This looks like an expansion bug, but I have no idea what could have
>> changed nor when.
> mayhe hans can track down what command is triggering it, probably  
> some command in the bib databae file
> Hans

Hans van der Meer

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