[NTG-context] More on Adobe Multiple Master fonts (not quite dead yet:-)

Graham Douglas graham.douglas at readytext.co.uk
Sun Mar 21 14:49:18 CET 2010

Dear Hans + Taco

I have a question about "Minion Expert" fonts. I do
have a copy of Idris's paper on this very topic but I'm not
sure if this is still the way to install fonts via MKIV/LuaTeX.
I'll give some background on what I'm doing, so my apologies to the
list for the long post.

[Note: happy to write this up in full for the Wiki at some point if of
more general interest]

I have been able to create hundreds of Minion instances and
(with the excption of "Expert") successfully install them in Context ---
works really very well. I have tested the PDF output with 500+ separate
instances embedded, all seem to work perfectly --- provided the mmpfb 
settings are right.

The resulting instances/fonts (.afm, .pfb) are output directly into the 
Context tree with names like


Generally the names are formed as follows:


Variety = one of Expert,Regular,Smallcaps
Angle = one of Roman,Italic

After refreshing the font lists/file name databases all instances
can all be accessed through commands like this

\definedfont[MinionRegularRoman_wt450_wd600_op10 at 12pt]

--- I intend to write a typescript to set them up
properly but these are early days for me with Context. I'm
hoping that the above font naming convention will allow me to
write a quite flexible set of typescripts... eventually.

The only one that does not work is the Expert font (no surprise I guess)

As mentioned, my scripts output the fonts directly
into the Context tree, for Regular,Smallcaps varieties
that's all I have to do. Wonderful!

So, to the "Expert" variety...

Clearly, this font has a "non standard" encoding vector which
is causing the problm (I guess). The AFM records

EncodingScheme FontSpecific

If I install instances like


then run the minimal example

\definedfont[MinionExpertRoman_wt500_wd450_op10 at 12pt]
This is an interesting test. 1234567890. filling, fill. ABCDEF.

When I run this for the firt time I get

!load afm       : reading 
!load afm       : unifying 
!afm glyph      : assigning private slot U+F0000 for unknown glyph name 
!afm glyph      : assigning private slot U+F0001 for unknown glyph name 

The resulting PDF is blank, apart from the dot and commas
in the sample text "This is an interesting test. 1234567890. filling, 
fill. ABCDEF."

So, finally to my question: what additional work do I need to do
to fully integrate the Expert fonts to access some of the nice features
of these fonts?

Warm wishes


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