[NTG-context] Which Mk is in TexLive?

Matija Šuklje matija at suklje.name
Fri Mar 19 19:58:44 CET 2010

Dne četrtek 18. marca 2010 ob 23:51:10 je Mojca Miklavec napisal(a):
> > I wonder whether MkII or MkIV is included in TexLive 2009 (and which one
> > in 2008)...
> Both are included in 2009, but MKIV is de-facto non-functional. (It's
> incompatible with LuaTeX in 2009 and even if present so old that it's
> useless in 2008.)

OK, thank you.

> But if you would like to make it work in TeX Live 2009 ... I have some
> 99%-working code on my TODO list since the meeting in Bohinj.
> Exclusive offer for you:
> "You can invite me for a beer at BachoTeX" in exchange for finishing
> and publishing it.

Hmmmm, since I most probably won't be attending the BachoTeX, that'd be hard 
to fulfil, but I could offer you a beer in Ljubljana ;)

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