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Philipp Gesang pgesang at ix.urz.uni-heidelberg.de
Mon Mar 15 22:46:26 CET 2010

On 2010-03-15 <16:32:23>, Michael Saunders wrote:
> I am trying to get a minimal working example so that I have something
> to tinker with.
> C:\contextminimal\tex\texmf-local\type-garamondprem.tex contains only:
> \starttypescript [serif] [garamondprem]
>  \definetypeface [garamondprem] [rm] [serif]
> [name:garamondpremrpromed] [default]
> \stoptypescript
> (garamondpremrpromed is a name returned by mtxrun --script fonts
> --list --all --pattern=*Garamond*.)
> I run:
> luatools --generate
> and texmf-local is found.
> In my preamble:
> \usetypescriptfile [type-garamondprem]
> \usetypescript [garamondprem]
> \setupbodyfont [garamondprem,12pt]
> When I run Context, the result contains only Latin Modern.


this is what I am working with.  I'm not sure every detail is needed,
especially concerning the “script=latn” part as I'm successfully using
non-latin scripts as well.  If this does not work you should have a look
at your font path.  If context knows where to find your fonts but the
following fails then I suggest you adapt the [name:XXX] fields in the
typescript, you need the “postscript name” value from otfinfo -i there.




% Font setup                                                                  %

\starttypescript        [serif]           [garamond]
    \setups             [font:fallback:serif]
    \definefontsynonym  [Serif]           [name:GaramondPremrPro]            [features=default]
    \definefontsynonym  [SerifItalic]     [name:GaramondPremrPro-It]         [features=default]
    \definefontsynonym  [SerifBold]       [name:GaramondPremrPro-Smbd]       [features=default]
    \definefontsynonym  [SerifBoldItalic] [name:GaramondPremrPro-SmbdIt]     [features=default]


\definefontfeature [default][default]

%\definefontfeature [oldstyle][default]

%\definefontfeature [smallcaps][default]

\usetypescript  [serif]   [hz] [highquality]
\setupalign     [hanging,hz]

\definetypeface    [garamond] [rm] [serif] [garamond] [default] [encoding=ec]




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