[NTG-context] Problem with lilypond module

Lutz Haseloff lutz.haseloff at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 11 07:34:54 CET 2010

Hi Mojca, Christopher, Hraban, Wolfgang,

since a couple of days the lilypond module doesn't work anymore.


There are some notes
\lower 8.2pt\hbox{\lilypond[fragment=true]{\relative c' {c d e fis}}}
embedded in this line.

Context creates a file "&1" with 0 Byte and a file "lilypond-1" in the
current directory.
In the log i find:
!LilyPond ERROR : File 'lily1-lilypond-1.tmp' was not written!

Processing file "lilypond-1" directly with lilypond works.



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