[NTG-context] Dezimalkomma

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Thu Mar 11 01:23:22 CET 2010

On Wed, 10 Mar 2010, Hans Hagen wrote:

> On 10-3-2010 21:43, Marcin Borkowski wrote:
>> Dnia Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 06:56:32PM +0100, Hans Hagen napisał(a):
>>> (there will and can be more such math goodies so don't hesitate to
>>> collect them)
>>> Hans
>> I wrote about it some time ago, but I have deleted that email, so here
>> is the thing again.
>> In the Polish typesetting package for LaTeX, there are defined a few
>> commands like \tg and \ctg, since in Poland we write "tg" and not "tan",
>> and "ctg" and not "cot".  (There are also a few more commands, like
>> \arcssin generating arc\,sin etc. according to Polish customs.)  I know
>> that this is controversial, but it would be nice to have a switch so
>> that \tan also produces "tg" etc.  The reason behind it is that if we
>> treat TeX as a markup language and not a typesetting one (as is often
>> the case with mathematical formulae), we want to be able to adapt to
>> local typesetting traditions without changing the code.  Also, cutting
>> and pasting formulae between Polish and English texts (and I need it
>> from time to time, for example) would be easier that way.  I agree that
>> this need not be the default, but having it as an option would be handy
>> (although not really indispensable).  Would such a switch be possible
>> (without too much work, of course)?
> some things are easy (and can be written in parallel to watching a movie) ... 
> in the beta ...
> \starttext
>    $\tan{x} + \cos{x}$
>    \mainlanguage[pl]
>    $\tan{x} + \cos{x}$
>    \mainlanguage[nl]
>    $\tan{x} + \cos{x}$
> \stoptext
> currently no special switch for math so it goes with mainlanguage (but one 
> can overload \mathlabellanguage)

Is there some sort of a standard for the abbreviations of such functions? 
Does the standard just depend on your main language, or does it also 
depend on a particular field?

Depending on that, we should either switch the labels based on the main 
language, or using a \setupmathematics switch.


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