[NTG-context] suggestions for context documentation

Victor Eijkhout victor at eijkhout.net
Tue Mar 9 14:25:39 CET 2010

> \startitem Even an old manual can quite well describe
> functionality as much didn't change. It's only with \MKIV\ that
> some compatibility is dropped and only for obscure features. Of
> course I could trick users by regenerating a manual with a newer
> date. I often use the excellent book \quote {\TEX\ by Topic} which
> is already quite old and does not cover \ETEX, \PDFTEX, \LUATEX\
> or whatever but what is told in it is still true. I never look at
> it thinking it being old. \stopitem


thanks for the compliments.

Let me point out that the source of TeX by Topic is available under  
the Gnu Public Documentation License, so anyone should feel free to  
add modern TeX additions to it. Personally I feel that the eTeX &  
pdTeX additions are mature enough that they could be added, of course  
with suitable markers to indicate their non-standardness. I don't have  
the time for this, but I'd welcome a collaboration with anyone that  
wants to invest the time.


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