[NTG-context] ntg-context Digest, Vol 69, Issue 49

Michael Saunders odradek5 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 9 16:59:16 CET 2010

> The question is: what have you set OSFONTDIR to,  and does that
> location actually contain the system fonts?

Thank you, Taco.  Double checking, I find that I have set OSFONTDIR to
C:\Windows\Fonts, which does indeed contain my 1074 system font files,
970 of them open type.  The slightly different string you put on the
mtxrun --script fonts --list --all --pattern=*
now seems to find them.  That was the problem.

My next problem is to make sense of what lies under the heading "The
standard way: Typescripts".  It's clear that the instructions don't
mean "typescript" in the ordinary English sense of the word (a
typewritten document), but some new, undefined thing.  From other bits
of documentation here and there, I've gotten the idea that typescripts
are files that contain commands.  I know that there are examples of
typescripts given elsewhere, but without explanation, I couldn't
decipher them.  I don't suppose there is a syntax of the typescript
language written down anywhere.

The first instruction stymies me:

"1. Copy the typescript files into either


What typescript files?  Where?  Also, the two directories don't exist
in my distribution of Context Minimals.  Are we supposed to create
them?  I look ahead for clues as to where the typescripts for my fonts
might be.  A little farther down there is a heading, 'Where to find
existing typescripts', but it doesn't talk about where to find
typescripts.  It does hint at what typescripts are though---it says,
'Each of the typescripts below...' and then, below, there is a list of
lines like the following:
Latin Modern (typescript name: modern; this is the default font set)

Maybe a line like that is a typescript.  Who knows?

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