[NTG-context] Where to put a module?

Philipp Gesang pgesang at ix.urz.uni-heidelberg.de
Sun Mar 7 17:43:51 CET 2010

On 2010-03-07 <14:40:37>, Wolfgang Schuster wrote:
> Hi Philipp,
> a few comments to your code (TeX only):
That's really nice.

> You don't need a MKIV-file and keep everything in the TeX-file,
> what you can also do is to move the Lua-code in a separate file.
I already considered this but have to make my mind up about it first.

> Wouldn’t \setuptransliterate a better name for the setup command!
That's true; done!
> A better defintion for the setup command is:

> \def\setupTranslit{\dodoubleargument\getparameters[TRL]}

> You can also shorten your \dotransliterate macro a lot:
> \def\dotransliterate[#1]#2%
> {\bgroup
> \iffirstargument
> \getparameters[TRL][#1]%
> \fi
> \language[\TRLhyphenate]%
> \ctxlua{translit.transliterate("\TRLmode","\luaescapestring{#2}")}%
> \egroup}
Done.  Seems I was a little too worried about not overwriting the
globals; I promise to never ever mistrust TeX's grouping again.

> You have a wrong entry in the modules metadata:
> %D [ file=t-degrade,
Done!  As is plain to see, I just copy-n-pasted those parts initially.
Is there a clean template somewhere around?

Thanks a lot for your improvements!


> Wolfgang
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