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James Fisher jameshfisher at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 00:19:17 CET 2010

Well, it's reassuring that people can at least admit this is a closed
community.  (But aren't churches meant to evangelize?)

"For using ConTEXt, no TEX-- programming skills and no technical background
are needed." (http://wiki.contextgarden.net/What_is_ConTeXt)
"So why don't you grep in base/* ?" (Luigi; I appreciate the advice but a
bit of a contradiction methinks)

Also, re "there is only one  ConTeXt developer --- Hans Hagen":
I'd suggest a few reasons for this are:
(1) in order to develop on a project, you first need a the high-level
appreciation of the system that comes from documentation
(2) ConTeXt does not have any revision control system that I can see (the
only source code browser seem to be http://source.contextgarden.net/ which
looks entirely custom); all I can find is the SVN of the in-progress manual
(3) The low-level macro documentation at
http://texshow.contextgarden.net/is a start, but: (i) instead of a
custom system with basic editing, a modern
documentation system (I'm thinking of http://sphinx.pocoo.org/ used for the
*fantastic* documentation of the Python library) would be more productive,
and (ii) this documentation is completely non-structured, being just an
alphabetical list.

(This from the community that came up with "literate programming"?)

Also, just having one developer is not at all anything to celebrate, and no,
this model of development is not OK.  I wouldn't say it's a model for
development at all.  Other projects manage just fine without naming
conflicts. Admittedly this is with the amazingly obvious concept of
namespacing, which TeX doesn't have -- though I've just been reading an
article <http://www.tug.org/TUGboat/Articles/tb27-0/neugebauer.pdf> on
namespacing in <http://www.extex.org/>.


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> > (Arthur, what about your church of TeX?)
>   I deny everything.
>        Arthur
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