[NTG-context] Super- and sub-script in text mode, or, fonts in math mode

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 2 23:02:07 CET 2010

Am 02.03.10 22:58, schrieb James Fisher:
> Hi,
> A minor problem: I'm trying to place superscripted text in the text 
> body -- things like '2^nd March'.  I can't see anything like 2{\sup 
> nd}, so my only known solution at the moment is math mode: $2^{nd}$.  
> Despite this not being 'math', I don't really have an aversion to it.  
> However, there's a problem with it: the superscripted text appears in 
> italic Computer Modern.  I'm using Gentium Book Basic as my body font, 
> using XeTeX.  The Gentium typeface is used perfectly everywhere, 
> including the '2' in '2^nd', with the exception of the superscripted text.
> So what solutions are to hand?  Is there either (1) super/sub commands 
> in text mode, or (2) a way of fixing this in math mode?
> (Also, would this be a problem with ConTeXt or with XeTeX?)


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