[NTG-context] Super- and sub-script in text mode, or, fonts in math mode

James Fisher jameshfisher at gmail.com
Tue Mar 2 22:58:19 CET 2010


A minor problem: I'm trying to place superscripted text in the text body --
things like '2^nd March'.  I can't see anything like 2{\sup nd}, so my only
known solution at the moment is math mode: $2^{nd}$.  Despite this not being
'math', I don't really have an aversion to it.  However, there's a problem
with it: the superscripted text appears in italic Computer Modern.  I'm
using Gentium Book Basic as my body font, using XeTeX.  The Gentium typeface
is used perfectly everywhere, including the '2' in '2^nd', with the
exception of the superscripted text.

So what solutions are to hand?  Is there either (1) super/sub commands in
text mode, or (2) a way of fixing this in math mode?

(Also, would this be a problem with ConTeXt or with XeTeX?)

James Fisher
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