[NTG-context] Framed text with arrows

Alan BRASLAU alan.braslau at cea.fr
Fri Feb 19 14:34:25 CET 2010

On Friday 19 February 2010 14:16:39 Xan wrote:
> How can we change the width, height and color of the second node
> ("chart") in this example:
> \usemodule[chart]
> \setupFLOWcharts[height=3\lineheight]
> \startFLOWchart[example]
> \startFLOWcell
>   \name {flow}
>   \location {1,1}
>   \text {Flow}
>   \connection [rl] {chart}
> \stopFLOWcell
> \startFLOWcell
>   \name {chart}
>   \location{2,1}
>   \text {Charts}
> \stopFLOWcell
> \stopFLOWchart
> \FLOWchart[example]
> PS: I cc mailing list, because I think it's general interest topic.

Yes, I am interested.

I do not see how one can change the width and height of a node
as I believe that the grid is defined through \setupFLOWcharts.

However, it could eventually be interesting to be able to modify
the frame size within a cell
\startFLOWcell [width=]
\startFLOWcell [scale=]
but this is not (yet) a feature...

I see no reason why one cannot set the color by FLOWcell,
but the obvious
\startFLOWcell [framecolor=red,backgroundcolor=yellow]
does not seem to work.

One can use FLOWfocus, but can one focus on multiple cells?


P.S. I think that it would be interesting to be able to
abstract the location of a cell, as in
  \name {flow}
  \text {Flow}
  \connection [rl] {chart}
  \name {chart}
  \text {Charts}
  \name {new}
  \connection [bt] {flow}
  \text {New}

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