[NTG-context] Magazine imposition.

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 19 10:54:19 CET 2010

Am 18.02.10 14:46, schrieb Hans Hagen:
> On 18-2-2010 14:35, Willi Egger wrote:
>> So, that is a short cut!
>> I did not know weather the magazine was in context or not.
>> Anyway is there a possibility to rotate pages in a already typeset pdf?
> externalfigure has no rotation key, and this does not work out well
>     \defineoverlay[realdirty][{\rotate[rotation=180]{\foregroundbox}}]
>     \framed{\externalfigure[cow.pdf][background=realdirty]}


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