[NTG-context] One interline space setup trouble

Vyatcheslav Yatskovsky yatskovsky at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 00:56:21 CET 2010


Sorry for my strive for perfection, but if I set new interline space in 
delimited text using 'before' key, the space BEFORE is affected by 
\setupinterlinespace, while the space AFTER does not. The result is a 
paragraph with visibly unbalanced surroundings. Is there a way to set 
the spaces equal without manual adjusting?




Most models we discussing here are specification of dynamic behaviour of 
SUI. This behaviour is described in terms of the interactions over time 
among some entities. The entities in question fall into two broad 
categories: {\em endogenous} (intrinsic to the SUI itself) and {\em 
exogenous} (belonging to a system's environment).

\startexample All processes that take place inside Earth (and other 
planets) are considered endogenous. These processes make the continents 
migrate, push the mountains up, trigger earthquakes and volcanism, and 
are driven by the warmth that is produced in the core of Earth. 
Exogenous processes are all taking place at the outside of the Earth. 
Weathering, erosion, transportation and sedimentation are the main 
exogenous processes.\stopexample

Constants and parameters serve as names for the values that do not 
change during a simulation run. In the case of a {\em constant}, the 
assigned value remains invariant over all experiments. Often it is a 
physical constant, like $g$ -- force of gravity. In the case of a {\em 
parameter}, there normally is an intent to explore the effect upon 
behaviour of a range of different values for the parameter.



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