[NTG-context] What do you miss in ConTeXt?

Matija Šuklje matija at suklje.name
Sun Feb 14 13:42:55 CET 2010

Dne sreda 10. februarja 2010 ob 09:56:37 je Matija Šuklje napisal(a):
> Dne sreda 10. februarja 2010 ob 09:50:28 je Robert Blackstone napisal(a):
> > I would be very happy if I could make a Bibliography with several
> > sections. (This wish has been expressed on this list before and I just
> > want to add my vote to it.)
> I think it was me (probably amongst others) who suggested this.

I looked again at what features I would need added to the bibliography and 
it's mainly two things:

1) Possibility to have several sections in the bibliography;

2) and advanced ordering of it.

Use case:
What my faculty wants from me (and it's not an uncommon request AFAIK) is to 
have the bibliography at the end of the thesis divided into sections:
* books
(* books with more then one author)
* chapters from reviews, collections etc.
* articles
* laws, legal acts, conventions etc.
* internet

And then inside every section they want the entries to be alphabetically 
ordered by surnames of the authors or editors (as applicable).


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