[NTG-context] What do you miss in ConTeXt?

John Devereux john at devereux.me.uk
Sat Feb 13 13:19:03 CET 2010

Hans Hagen <pragma at wxs.nl> writes:

> On 9-2-2010 19:21, Kevin D. Robbins wrote:
>> I dream of a flexible changebar module (similar to the LaTeX changebar
>> package) with Lua drivers so I can run something like:
>> context --mark-changes foo1 foo2
>> to produce a (possibly mangled) output TeX file that when built produces a
>> PDF with changebars in the margin, additions/deletions/modifications in
>> colored text, etc. I would want the Lua drivers to work with the
>> project/product/component structure, so that I could quickly markup the
>> changes in all the products in a project, just one product, or even just one
>> component.
> it's not that hard to build something like that

I would think that would be an extremely useful feature in technical
environment, where all document changes need to be reviewed and
precisely recorded. It certainly would be for me.


John Devereux

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