[NTG-context] Example markup

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 12 19:15:07 CET 2010

Am 12.02.10 18:59, schrieb Bernhard Rosensteiner:
> maybe you mean something like that:
> \define[1]\example{\tfx#1\tfa}
brr, when you want to define it in this way you should use grouping, e.g.


a better solution is


because you can now write

\example{...} and {\example ...}

The best way is to use \definealternativestyle, e.g.

\definealternativestyle [example] [\tfx] [\tfx]

the command takes three arguments because you can set with
the third argument a different behaviour in titles etc.

A third way is \definestartstop, e.g.


this creates not only the command \example but also a example
environment where you get a smaller font.


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