[NTG-context] Bibliography -- complete inline citations in footnotes

Piotr Lesnicki piotr at lesnicki.name
Thu Jan 21 07:37:44 CET 2010

I'm new to ConTeXt and I'm greatly appreciating the rejuvenation it
brings me in typesetting after several years using LaTeX.

I'm confronted to a few little problems though, the main one being
that I'd need to have references both in the footnotes and at the end
of a document. Under LaTeX I found that the "inlibib" package is doing
exactly that, inserting some "ibid" and "op.cit." when required for
repeting references. After reading the bibmod-doc, I thought I would
temporarly solve the problem by simply using
\setuppublications[refcommand=data] which I thought would put the
reference in the same format as in the bibliography, but it doesn't

Does any one have a solution?


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