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> Apart from that you need to submit translation for your language (see
> lang-ger.tex and lang-bal.tex), or at least that would be very nice.
> Some settings there are necessary if you want to enable the extra
> patterns. There are some more things to be done, but you may start by
> translating the strings and filling other holes in lang-bal.tex.

To do it I need to understand what all these parameters mean.

\installlanguage [..1.] [..,.=2.,..]
2 spacing = packed broad
lefthyphenmin = NUMBER
righthyphenmin = NUMBER
state = start stop
leftsentence = COMMAND
rightsentence = COMMAND
leftsubsentence = COMMAND
rightsubsentence = COMMAND
leftquote = COMMAND
rightquote = COMMAND
leftquotation = COMMAND
rightquotation = COMMAND
leftspeech = COMMAND
middlespeech = COMMAND
rightspeech = COMMAND
limittext = TEXT
date = TEXT
compoundhyphen = COMMAND
leftcompoundhyphen = COMMAND
rightcompoundhyphen = COMMAND
default = IDENTIFIER

What is the difference between quote and quotation? I always use double
quote, like this: „example“

Next, I need to know there all strings, which I translate, will be used.
Maybe, there is an example document with all english strings used.

For example:
Figure 1: Caption of the figure
1 pav. Caption of the figure

Table 1: Caption of the table
1 lentelė. Caption of the table

In a table of contents and in section names there must be period after

1. Name
1.1. Name2
1.1.2. Name3


Chapter 1
1 skyrius

> The main question is: do you need them only for MKIV/XeTeX or do you
> also want them for MKII? In the latter case you'll have quite some
> problems with encoding (that is: missing support for it in fonts).
> In MKIV & XeTeX it should be no problem.

I use utf8 and MKIV.

> Mojca
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