[NTG-context] Text backgrounds once again

Matthias Weber matweber at indiana.edu
Thu Jan 14 21:16:09 CET 2010

Dear all,

after a long break I am returning to two larger projects of mine, and  
to celebrate, I upgraded
to ConTeXt from the current TeXLive.

To my surprise, mostly everything looks as before (which is good), but  
all my text backgrounds are gone.
A little search brought up Wolf-gang's example (from 1-20 2009)




\input knuth

\dorecurse{4}{\input knuth\par}

\input knuth


which doesn't produce any backgrounds - neither on my installation,  
nor at ConTeXt live.
What is the current way to produce backgrounds around text snippets?  
I'll need/want it
framed with rounded corners eventually, too.


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